Fees - Mushin Martial Arts Club

The first lesson is FREE!

Your first lesson is absolutely free, and you won’t be pressured into signing up.

New Joiners Fees

£50 paid in advance for 5 Sessions (Karate or T’ai Chi), no expiry date.
This includes annual insurance and club membership (normally £25 per year).
Your pre-paid card will only be marked when you attend, you won’t lose out if you don’t attend.

Regular Fees

£6 per session


£20 per month, allows you to attend a Karate or a T’ai Chi session once a week (either Tuesday or Sunday)


£30 per month, allows you to attend Karate and T’ai Chi sessions, twice a week (both Tuesday & Sunday)

Our club is

All fees are fed back into the club for:

  • Hall letting
  • Equipment
  • Travelling to events
  • Social events

0844 357 3300
info @ mushin.club