Fees - Mushin Martial Arts Club

The first lesson is FREE!

Your first lesson is absolutely free, and you won’t be pressured into signing up.

New Joiners Fees

£50 paid in advance for 5 Sessions (Karate or T’ai Chi), no expiry date.
This includes annual insurance, club membership and FEKO/FMA membership (normally £25 per year).
Your pre-paid card will only be marked when you attend, you won’t lose out if you don’t attend.

Once your first pre-paid card credit has been used up you’ll we ask you to choose one of the following...

Standing Order: Either Karate or T’ai Chi

£20 standing order, per month, allows you to attend a Karate or a T’ai Chi session once a week (either Tuesday or Sunday)

Standing Order: Both Karate & T’ai Chi

£30 standing order, per month, allows you to attend Karate and T’ai Chi sessions, twice a week (both Tuesday & Sunday)

Standing Orders are always within your control.
You will be able to pause or cancel payments at any time, for example, if going on holiday or unable to attend due to work commitments

Our club is Not-for-profit!

All fees are fed back into the club for:

  • Hall letting
  • Equipment
  • Travelling to events
  • Social events

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enquiries @ mushinmartialarts.org